Braids are back with a bang!

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  • September 2013

girl with creative hair-doPlaits and Braids have long been seen as a traditional hairstyle however with today’s funky modern twist, they are fast becoming a huge hairstyle trend. From the standard plaited pony tail to the more technical fish tail plaits, there is a plaited style to suit everyone. The plaited style is versatile and simple to achieve which is what makes it such a great style.

Although normally associated with flowing long locks plaits can be adapted to all hair types and lengths, short hair can get in on the act with cute small fringe braids or small plaits and bigger Halo braids. The plaited style can be used for nights out to create a glamorous, romantic look or for that just got out of bed, girl next door look in the daytime.

The hair trends for bold braids and romantic plaits has been seen every were from the catwalk to red carpet events and is set to continue, so follow in the footsteps of the celebs and get plaiting.


For an easy daytime plaited look, put your hair down and spray with Organic Head Full volume Root Lift spray then backcomb slightly.

Flick hair up and scrape hair back into  into a side ponytail and secure with a band.

Next plait hair to the ends and secure with another band then simply tease parts of the hair out of the plait to create that just got out of bed look.

For extra hold, spray with Organic Head Extra Hold Hairspray.