Cosmopolitan name our OrganicHead Detox & Purify Shampoo & Conditioner on Today’s Best Buy.

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  • February 2013

Cosmo’s Beauty Director, Inge van Lotringen reveals the best beauty buys every day and named our Galvin & Galvin Oh! OrganicHead Detox and Purify shampoo and

conditioner products as their ‘Today’s Best Buy’ on the 21st January 2013. They said….

‘There was a time when sulphate free, organic botanical-rich head products would cost you an arm and a leg, but that time is no longer. The whole of this range of cleansers, conditioners and styling products by colourist Daniel Galvin Jr. is free of any stuff that strips colour, like harsh cleansers, and full of the oils and proteins that protect and restore it. The packaging may be basic, but the contents aren’t, and with all this at just £4 for a shampoo or conditioner, who’s grumbling?’