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  • May 2020

To all of our loyal and valued customers,

Due to the government’s recent decision to keep all salons closed until 4th July , we wanted to write to you and make you aware of the various updates, new protocols and procedures the company has to adopt to ensure we maintain running an efficient safe and dynamic business, whilst retaining the culture and professionalism we have all worked so many years to build and establish.

I would personally like to say a huge heartfelt thanks to so many of you for your kind emails messages and support on our social media channels, which has kept the dream alive albeit virtually, but more, put smiles on all our faces.


Firstly I am pleased to say that we are now taking bookings for the 4th July onwards. Please email or telephone the Salon on 0207 245 1050 to make your appointment. If for any reason the start date moves your appointment will be moved accordingly subject to your acceptance. We politely request that you notify the salon at least 48 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid paying a cancellation fee.


Our opening hours will now change, we will be open six days a week, Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm. I can assure you all of the team at Daniel Galvin Jr. will be doing everything to make your appointment as pleasurable and safe as always. Please check as to the availability of your colourist/stylist when you book.
Due to the Salon not operating at capacity may I ask that you refrain from bringing any members of the family or friends with you as space is limited.


If you are over 65 or vulnerable we will do our best to accommodate you with the first appointment in the morning or last appointment in the evening wherever possible .
If you are in this group and wish to take advantage of this option please make it clear to our receptionist when booking
I’m sure you all understand the necessity of this and we will also be offering home visits for blow dry and styling within a 4 mile radius.

During lockdown we have hired a remote telephone company, Call Minders, who have been answering any calls to the salon and making very clear and detailed notes of your requests for services needed, colour, styling, manicures etc, which is being put straight onto a list which I am personally overseeing. As you can imagine due to the demand on all the team when we open, and to make sure this is managed effectively, it will have to be a first come first serve basis, which I know you all completely understand .
During the period between now and the 4th July Call Minders will continue their service and your appointment will be confirmed by either phone or mail.

Regarding new clients that wish to have a consultation, I would encourage this through the Zoom app “which I know has now become a big part of our life”.
The VIP room will also be available for booking upon request for a fee, please enquire when you book.


To protect all of our clients and staff we ask anybody that feels under the weather or showing any signs of the COVID-19 virus to stay at home and we will re-book your appointment three weeks later, we appreciate everybody’s consideration on this


Every member of my team has taken and passed the Barbicide Hygiene COVID-19 Course to ensure the highest standards of health and hygiene are maintained.
Each stylist and colourist will have their certificates displayed at their workstation including our receptionist and assistants and these will be displayed on the wall next to reception.

All of our towels and gowns are laundered daily at a temperature of 60°C, no towel or gown will be used twice in the same day.
Cloakroom,(cupboard) space is very limited as you know so I would appreciate it if you may bring something warm if necessary that you could fit in your bag.

On arrival at the Salon every client and every member of staff will be supplied with a disposable mask and disposable gloves.
if any member of staff has to leave you during a service they will dispose of their gloves and apply new ones on return.

Staff members will wash and disinfect their hands before and after each service which of course they are happy to do in front of you and we will also be using hand sanitiser on each station.

Every workstation, chair will be disinfected with Barbicide spray and wipes for two minutes before being occupied by a new client.

We have installed glass screens between all back washes and at reception and will respect social distancing guidelines as outlined by the government.

All combs, scissors, metal and plastic objects will be left in the Barbicide solution for 10 minutes at the end and beginning of each day . These implements will be sprayed down with Barbicide solution in between clients.

We have an external professional cleaning company EMG to sanitise and disinfect every inch of the salon including most importantly the air-conditioning units. There will be alcohol sanitisers and disinfectant wipes available at the stations and also on the reception desk which we encourage our clients and staff to use as frequently as possible.

As stated above self-distancing needs to be adhered to where possible and there will be no shaking of hands, hugging or kissing I’m afraid to say. Hand & face gestures only please!

The waiting area will be very limited and set up so there is no issue with self-distancing but please be on time for your appointment. If you are running late please call the salon. By the same token, we may be running a little late on occasion, so please bear with us if the Salon asks you to come in 10 minutes later than your scheduled appointment time, as as we cannot have congestion in the waiting area. There will be no magazines or newspapers.

All staff will wear facemasks and gloves at all times whilst in the Salon. Should they leave the Salon at any point they will use a fresh set on return. All door handles and surfaces will be wiped down at regular intervals or as directed by government guidance .
Should we receive any further guidance from government we will adapt our procedures to comply.

There will be no price increases however there will be a temporary contribution of £5 added to your bill to cover the COVID 19 cost to make the Salon as safe as we possibly can during this difficult time.


Beverages hot and cold will continue to be part of the service as always but in paper cups I’m afraid.

We will still be having food and some beverages delivered from The Good Life Eatery, our neighbors in Motcombe Street, so please download their menu onto your phone so you may order at a convenient time during your salon service.
Please let us know via email if you have any questions, reservations concerns on anything whatsoever and we will of course reply to you in a timely fashion.
Hopefully we will have some nice weather through July August September and our outside seating area in the basement will be available to you if you have to wait.

On that note ,we all look forward to seeing you in July and most importantly we hope you and your family are keeping well and safe.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel, Suzanna &all of our amazing team