Taliage by Daniel Galvin Jr

The newest and exclusive technique for incredible colour


What is Taliage?

“Balayage is now an old-fashioned technique” explains Daniel Galvin Jr. “The painting on effect that it gives can look great first time around, but often new clients come in and see me after the second or third Balayage colour and the result is less delicately coloured strands, more solid, bulky chunks of uniform colour.

It looks as though they’ve dipped their hair straight into bleach, leaving the finish and texture of hair almost irreparable.” Daniel continues, “I saw the Balayage methodology being used 25 years ago when I worked on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I can even remember seeing a French colourist (France is where Balayage was invented in late sixties) mix-up a colour, paint it straight onto Asian hair which then went from almost black to white in half an hour – the product was rocket fuel.”

“What people don’t realise is that if you paint colour onto the hair in layers, it will oxidise through the process and therefore affect the other hairs on the head. This may look ok in the beginning, but then every time afterwards the bleeding of the colour will go onto other strands of colour treated hair, therefore over processing and making the hair become damaged in texture and solid in colour. It is not a consistent process by any means and is impossible to control.”

It’s Daniel’s 35 years of expertise within the industry and his frustration for so many clients needing damage repair after bad and repeated Balayage colouring that has led him to innovate the Taliage technique. A methodical colouring practice that gives the same fresh impact of brand new Balayage, time and time again, it results in beautifully sun-kissed mid-lengths and ends, without over-processing the hair, colour build up or hair breakage.

What to expect from Taliage


A colour consultation to find out exactly which tone and shade you are looking to achieve.


Taking care and attention, pieces of sectioned hair from the back, sides and front will be coloured using a special angled brush, ensuring that only the tip of the brush is coming into contact with the hair.


Starting from the mid lengths and working down to the end of the strand, the colour is applied to just the mid lengths while the tips are left colour-free to prevent over-processing where the hair is at its most vulnerable. To ensure accuracy, diamond shaped foils are used that allow for the ends of the hair to remain untouched.


The colour is left to process for exactly the right amount of time depending on texture and desired end result.


After the processing takes place, the colour is rinsed off and an OrganicHead Argan Oil Detox Hair Masque is applied and left on for 20 minutes. Using antioxidant rich argan oil and wheat proteins to help improve hair elasticity and strengthen, organic orange oil also provides soothing, stimulating benefits for a dehydrated and sensitive scalp and organic aloe vera keeps the hair nourished.


Once rinsed off, the expert team will finish the look with a Daniel Galvin Jr signature Belgravia blow-dry for your most beautiful ever hair.

Daniel says, “The beauty of Taliage is that every four months we can repeat this process on the same hair strands as the previous visit, but due to the unique method of this revolutionary technique, we avoid over-processing, drying-out hair and leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Instead, my clients have consistently healthy, shiny hair, with amazing movement and texture that comes from the application of the technique, but looks incredibly natural.”

Daniel is proud of his handpicked team and the bespoke service they provide for all clientele, “all staff at the Belgravia and Lanesborough salons are trained in the Taliage technique which we’ve used on many celebrities and royalty who regularly visit – the excellent end result means it’s always in high demand.”

Looking ahead to what’s on trend for autumn/winter 17, “for the change in season we are seeing rose gold tones become more en vogue, so it’s a great time to experiment with a trend-led Taliage look. It works well on all hair colours too. Blondes suit rose gold hues with more buttery and creamy mid lengths and ends, redheads will benefit from copper and terracotta mid lengths to ends while brunettes should consider using natural chocolate and biscuit tones if they’re younger or hints of red and orange if they’re older as these can give a youthful warmth and glow to the skin.

Taliage by Daniel Galvin Jr is a 45-minute colouring process and an hour and a half start to finish salon treatment.

Prices available on request