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  • May 2015

Audience At Outdoor Music Festival

So it’s that time of year again where many people will be preparing for their chosen festivals. Whether here or abroad, and no matter what type of festival it is, keeping your hair looking stylish is always an issue, especially when your accommodation is a tent or camper van! So we have made a few suggestions of easy to do hairstyles that will keep you looking good and ready to party all through the festival period!


So the first on the list is the good trusty ponytail. This style is super easy to do, even in a tent and can see you through to the end of the festival and with a range of different variations it will never look the same. The best advice is to take some dry shampoo along with you or some Oh! Organic Head Full Volume Root Lift Spray this will help stop the hair from looking too flat or too greasy. So for a high ponytail simply tip your head back slightly then brush the hair back into your hand use the brush to brush any lose strands into position and secure with a band. Pull your hair tight and spray with some Oh! Organic Head Extra Hold Hairspray.



Another classic but super cute look is of course the braid. The braid, like the ponytail can be varied from the basic one braid at the back to a side braid or pigtail braids plus if you secure the top of the braid with a band and then wrap some ribbon around it, you can plait the ribbon into the braid giving you a fun and hippy look. Braided hair can also help create a good festival look the day after too! Simple run your fingers through the braid to separate it, then pull hair into a low ponytail, add a flower headband and voilà you now have the perfect festival look. If you suffer from frizzy hair then remember to pack some Oh! Organic Head Anti- Frizz Serum it’s perfect for controlling the frizz that can make styling difficult.



Another handy tool is the bun sponge. The bun sponge allows you to create a full looking bun at a time when maybe your hair is a little flat or greasy after days of partying, plus it’s easy to use. Firstly put your hair into a ponytail, positioned at whatever height you prefer, then pull the ponytail through the bun sponge so it’s sitting at the base. Next tip your head slightly down and spread the hair out over the sponge so the sponge is no longer visible. Wrap the ends around and under the sponge and secure with grips. Give the hair a good spray with some Oh! Organic Head Hairspray to keep it all in place. If you like your bun a bit messy looking then you can pull the hair out a little from the base which will make it lose giving it a more hippy look.


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