London Evening Standard’s Anne McElvoy helps readers with advice from Daniel Galvin Jr on ginger hair maintenance

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  • February 2013

Anne McElvoy wrote an article in the London Evening Standard ‘Calling all gingers — join my militant redheads’ league’, discussing the recent DNA testing for red hair, ‘We’re out and proud: in fifty shades of red.’

Anne tells London Evening Standard readers: ‘Daniel Galvin Jr, who colours the manes of the choosiest denizens of West Halkin Street, dispenses therapy about the condition and how to live with it. London’s premier cru hairdressers rather like auburn customers, in the way that a good craftsman likes a challenge. So Daniel praises “honey tones with Titian undertones” and advises regular sluices of gloss so we don’t end up as faded Ron Weasleys. But we are “the highest hair maintenance” (of course) and red is hard to cover over — a conclusion Anne of Green Gables came to after that unfortunate encounter with the green dye.’

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