Men’s trends: Autumn 2013.

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  • October 2013

menshairhottieWith the change in weather and wardrobe to match, it’s not only a great time for the ladies to update their hairstyle, but for the guys too! The way that a man wears his hair defines his entire look, whether that be smart or street. With any hairstyle, the most important thing to remember is a style that suits your face shape and your lifestyle.

An easy way to get a different look is wear hair longer on top. This gives more styling options and makes product more effective for coarse, thick, and fine hair. To get this men’s 2013 hairstyle trend, let hair on the top keep growing while keeping the sides cut shorter. Then keep styling hair in the usual slicked back way.
With this long hair, you can comb hair up higher. Get a different look by using Organic Head extra hold hairspray for a matte finish or use Organic head heat defense & Shine spray for a glossy finish. These hairstyles at this length can be a solution for coarse hair that tends to spike up or fine hair that falls flat. There are additional styling options, like wearing the hair down over the forehead.

Another men’s trend that is always a favourite style for men is the side parting however this season we are seeing it more severe than ever before. To get the look, you will need to mold your hair into place with high shine products for a really strong finish. We recommend you use Organic head mousse to put hair into place followed by Organic head heat defense & shine spray to give it the wet look, then set into place with some Organic head extra hold hairspray.mensside