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  • October 2013

dgrsplashThere’s a new trend sweeping New York and it looks set to be a new looks here too. This new creation is called Splash lights and is a  modern version of the well loved Ombre look. For those of you who don’t know what Ombre is, it’s a highlighting technique where the end of the hair, from about the middle down, is bleached to become a lighter colour (normally blonde) than that of the main head colour.

Splash Lights is again similar as bleach is used to create a lighter colour but instead of the ends being bleached the lighter colour moves across the hair horizontally creating a halo like appearance. This new trend is said to make you look as if you are standing under a spotlight with the lighter colour being the shine marks from the lights.
Although this is a fairly new trend, many people have already been asking their stylists about it but with the 9 hour completion time, how many people would really be able to spare the time in this fast paced world. Stylist suggest that there may even be a further development from Splash lights with another trend of a vertical line of lighter colour down the back of the hair, however we will have to wait and see.