The Lanesborough Services

First class services at our Lanesborough Spa salon

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Team Member Child 1-7 years, from: Child 8-13 years Belgravia Blow Dry, from: Cut & Blow Dry, from: Men's Cut & Finish, from: Wedding Hair, from:
Artistic Director £30-35.00 £45-50.00 £70.00 £165.00 £80.00 POA

Team Member Tint, from: Vegetable Semi Permanent Dye, from: Half Head of Lights, from: Full Head of Lights, from: Taliage, from: Mirrored Highlights, from: Colour Correction Men's Silver Fox
Senior Colourist £120.00 £100.00 £198.00 £250.00 POA POA POA POA
Colour Director £130.00 £160.00 £230.00 £275.00 POA POA POA POA
Daniel Galvin Jr £175.00 £160.00 £385.00 £495.00 POA POA POA £250.00


  • Mirror Highlights/Lowlights – Half the time of a normal application as Daniel Galvin Jr and a Senior Colourist work side by side

    from £1,250