Tutorial: Classic French Twist

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  • August 2013

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With the sun shining and the birds singing, we all know they can only mean one thing; it’s wedding season. And whether youlove them or hate them, chances are you’re going to one so you may as well look fabulous while you do it!

That’s why we’ve come up with this How To guide for a classic French Twist. The French Twist is a timeless style – always elegant, always in fashion, this hairdo will keep you cool through hot sticky weddings, and keep you neat if the weather goes south.


  1. Prep hair with Organic Head Volume spray to give the hair guts so it stays in place.french twist
  2. Use a vent brush at the roots to create volume, styling hair away from the face.
  3. It is essential that the hairline is styled and any fly-aways are smoothed into the style – use a small, round brush to achieve this.
  4. Take a large, round brush and straighten the rest of the hair.
  5. Split hair into two sections – the sides and the back in one and the top of the hair in another.
  6. Backcomb the sides and back to give more hold and substance. Use Organic Head Extra Hold Hairspray to secure.
  7. Using a Mason and Pearson brush, brush hair over to one side and use grips from nape of you neck to ear height, place grips vertically
  8. Place your thumb over grips and twist hair around into tight twist. Once hair is in place use pins to secure.
  9. For top section, backcomb roots moving towards the back of the head. Use Organic Head Hairspray again to lock in place. You need more volume at the top so be thorough with the backcombing.
  10. Twist top section together for desired look and pin in place. Use more hairspray if needed.