Tutorial: Frizzy Hair Care with Tom Greenhouse

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  • July 2013

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If you have frizzy and at times uncontrollable hair, it’s important your cut is right. You need to keep a certain amount of weight to the hair so it’s easy to manage. You can still achieve some movement with the correct amount of graduated layers. If you have long hair then it works well to break it up around the face with some disconnected shaping or a fringe. It will frame the face and also keeps a younger feel.

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  •  Using the correct hair care products is also very important.


  • OrganicHead Detox and Purify Shampoo and Conditioner are great for dry/frizzy hair.


  • Also use OrganicHead Anti-Frizz Serum before you blow dry. It will protect your hair and leave it feeling smooth and shiny.