Tutorial: Summer Chic with a Low-Slung Knot

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  • July 2013

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When it comes to summer holidays we find that less preparation and time is spent on hair. In a hot and humid climate your hair can become fly away and frizzy and sometimes struggle for volume. A good way to deal with this and still achieve a great look is by collectively bringing your hair into one shape, a simple low knot. It is quick and easy to create and can be done with damp or dry hair.



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  • Prep the hair using Organic Head Anti-Frizz Serum then dry using a large round natural bristle brush.


  • Once dry, pull the hair off the face or create a parting and brush back into the nape of your neck using a Mason and Pearson brush.


  • Secure the pony tail with hair band or bungee cord, brush pony tail through and twist clockwise until it’s tightly rounded.


  • Then at the base of the ponytail wrap the hair clockwise and use pins to secure. You can also do the same as above with towel dried hair.