Tutorial: The Poolside to Bar Braid

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  • July 2013

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This look is perfect for hot summer days and poolside lounging. Quick and easy to do, it will see yo13 07 18 rope braidsmu from beach to bar without any stuffy heat styling.



  1. Use between 2 – 4 pumps of Organic Head Anti Frizz Serum (depending on length and thickness) and work through towel dried hair. This will help control frizzy hair and give it a sleek finish while keeping it in good condition.
  2. Next massage a handful of Organic Head Huge Hair Mousse into your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and the ends – this will help give more hold.
  3. Casually pull all your hair over to one side to give yourself a rough side parting.
  4. With your hair at the side, split it into two sections.
  5. Twist each section backwards, away from the face. How tight or loose you twist will affect the tightness of the waves later.
  6. Holding each separately twisted section, begin to twist them together in the opposite direction so they coil around one another.
  7. Tie at the bottom with an elastic.
  8. Then, when you’re ready to hit the town, simply untie and shake loose – you’ll have gorgeous mermaid waves to last the night.